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Vendi and Ekrem on dvor

Vesna Vukelic said that Sinisa Đurđić pathologically in love with her for 12 years, the untruth in the papers presented to her napakostio and will sue him, and may be taught to the dvor sou

Welcomed the opportunity to respond.
Vendi after leaving the property in Lisović was unpleasantly surprised statements in the newspapers of his former manager Sinisa Đorđića, who claims to be with her was in a relationship for seven years, that she was a nymphomaniac and a lesbian, and to charge for their sexual services.

- I am the Sinisa met when he was a waiter at the fair in Sabac. He begged me to rescue them from the mud and help him, so I proposed to act as my manager. I dragged him with me and then I noticed that he was a lunatic who fell in love with me and that in all ways trying to be with me. Then the horror began. Because I moved to Belgrade, he worked as a waiter at one time and the Era Ojdanic, while this was not caught in scams. Sneak around my house, ringing the bell, left the ward, thong and suspender belt, threw stones at the terrace … He sent me a message that he would kill himself if I’m not with him at least one night … Do it to them I did not answer, but I saved them all and took the police. Head Voždovac Police, Mr. Blagoje told me that this is a person who obijala kiosk, had three attempted rapes, was detained for petty crime … I also told him that they can not do anything except to bring him in for questioning, as did several times, but that’s all. He pleaded with them all. Among other things, that I drilled the tire fair in Sabac that would not be able to go home - said Wendy in a breath and continued:

- He was the greatest compliment that I talk about him now. Again the papers out his name and image, and it is nothing more than that and should not be. If not stopped untruths about me, I’ll have to sue him, and I’d like to psychopath never see.

I’m not a lesbian, it all lies, a am dvor uzivo

Sinisa by couriers in October and told that Wendy has a mistress, some strawberries from Paracin, which alleges that the singer is actually her best friend and that he and her holy hideous lies.
- Strawberry is often went with me to gigs, and as he chased us and followed, once it was literally kicked him! He was disgraced and in this her way of revenge. Invents and people believe him. I am glad that my family, my husband and friends know that he is a sick man, but your readers do not know. I would like to write everything I say because you are still widely read and the highest circulation newspaper which is believed. I will go into dvor facebook.

Dvor rijaliti 2011

Goes ‘Farma’ and comes ‘Dvor’ and ‘Big Brother 4’!

As soon as the end Farma Srbija, moving the show “Dvor Srbija”, and as soon as the show is over, finally moving “Big Brother 4”. In March 2011. Pink was the television we will see new family members. In the latest series, all will be different, the participants will be people from all over former Yugoslavia.

This is the story already, and the former republics, and like everything, the idea comes across and the good and the bad comments. Big Brother school of the famous “What is the slogan of this, the fourth consecutive series in which anonymous people are competing, but is well under way. Castings have begun, so the team responsible for the UK production company “Emoušn” visit the biggest cities in the hope that they will find it more interesting contestants. Castings were started, and we can say that this Sunday is crucial when it comes to choice of competitors. After three seasons of the license rijalitija “Farm”, TV “Pink” was created and a concept called “Palace”. This reality will be followed by as many as 24 celebrities from around the region, you will live 45 days in a real castle. In contrast to the ‘farm’ or ‘Survivor’, where participants have to survive in inappropriate or difficult conditions, participants ‘Palace’ will live in silk and velvet. The location of the facility, or the Palace is located in Pinkovog studies in Simanovci. The farma reality of VIPs will be “sorted” in the hierarchy - they will be distributed in a variety of functions that existed in the courts, the servant, jester, to the king and queen. As potential participants mentioned the winner of last season rijalitija “farm”: Milos Bojanic, wife of the first man “grand” Sasa Popovic, Suzana Jovanovic, even Gianni Curcic, who is alleged to have arranged the participation in reality “Couples,” Boki 13, Igor Lazic Nigor, Maja Nikolic, Miki Djuricic and Milan Topalovic Topalko.